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First Skandar Keynes Icon Community

Skandar Icons
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This Community is the first graphic related Community about Skandar Keynes on LJ!
The Community was created for you guys to share your icons of Skandar Keynes, no matter if they are from movie stills or from Photoshoots. Be sure to follow the Rules and I'll hope this Community is fun for everyone.

Your Moderator and Maintainer whitemocca

Icon Makers:
1. You must post at least 3 icons [The Teaser icon maximum is 3 as well!]
2. If you post more than 3 icons, you must put the rest under an LJ-cut [Learn how to do so here.]
3. Only post Icons you have made yourself (no premade bases etc.)
4. This is not an elite community, but still, please only post icons you think yourself will be interesting for others. So no entries starting with 'uhm, I know these suck but I post them anyway...'
5. No extrem actor bashing please. Sarcasm posts are allowed though *if it's obvious*
6. Slash icons and such are allowed if you warn other users before posting them. Some people don't like the idea of Edmund and Peter having sex. ;)
7. Fake cuts are allowed and x-posting is encouraged.
8. DO NOT link to locked entries. It must be public for at least 7 days after you have posted your entry, otherwise your post will be deleted.
9. Use the subject line so I can easily add your entry to the memories.

1. CREDIT CREDIT CREDIT the icon maker! [Learn how to CREDIT here]
2. No off-topic posting. Every entry must contain icons.

I DO go through member's userpics and check if they credit in general.
If they don't, I personaly kick them out of the community in less than a sec!


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